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Craig Biddlestone s Collection


Name : Craig Biddlestone
Forum Nickname : westyorksnffc
Age : 33
Started Collecting : 12

About Me

What do you do for a living?

Benefits Officer for Leeds City Council

Which club do you support and why?

Nottingham Forest, where I'm from

What do you collect?

At the moment, all Forest homes, and not long since started on aways, present day working backwards.

How did you get into programme collecting?

Not sure really

Your Collection

What was your first football programme?

England v Scotland schoolboys, Wembley, May 1987

What was the last programme you bought?

Forest v Blackpool, Play-off Semi-Final 2nd leg

How big is your collection?

Over 2500 Forest home and aways, 1952 to present day

How do you store your collection?

In display book folders, adding pieces of A4 paper inbetween each programme.

Whats the oldest programme you own?

1945-46 Chelsea v Forest

What is the rarest item in your collection?

Not overly sure to be honest

Which programme from your club is the rarest and most expensive to obtain?

Too flippin' many!!!

What is...?

What is your worst buy?

Anything with Derby on it!

What is your best buy?

Any programme needed to fill the gap!

What is the most you have paid for a programme and which one?

£10, I think, for a rare Forest v Notts County, County Cup game

What is the most you have received for a programme and which one?

erm, about 50p!

What is your most prized programme?

The oldest Forest home I have

Whats your biggest regret in collecting?

Not enough money to buy what I want!

The Hobby

In you opinion, is the programme collectors communtiy shrinking or growing?

I would say growing

What do you enjoy most about the hobby?

filling those gaps!!!

Where do you buy most of your programmes from?


The Future

If money was no object, which programme would you most like to add to your collection?

The earliest possible Forest programme still in existence

Would you ever sell your collection?

No, my son can have it when he grows up

How do you wish to develop your collection over the coming years?

Keep filling them gaps!!!