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Collecting Football Memorabilia
Football memorabilia comprises just about any thing and everything related to the "beautiful game." Popular football collectables include items to suit all budgets, ranging from relatively expensive signed shirts and photographs to match programmes and more "trivial" items such as coin collections (thanks, Esso!), posters, badges, patches, key rings, cards, stickers and fridge magnets.

N.B. A warning to prospective purchasers of signed memorabilia:
Autograph forgeries are rife, particularly with regard to items offered for sale on the Internet. Purchasers are strongly advised to buy only from vendors who are members of a recognised trade body and MUST insist on a Certificate of Authenticity from the seller, in case the "autograph" is subsequently found to be a fake. Furthermore, "rip-off" merchants abound on the Internet where football memorabilia is concerned, charging way over the "going rate," particularly for sought after items. Collectors are advised to buy as reliable, up-to-date price guide, to determine the current value of prospective purchases.

Where to look for Football Memorabilia

Football Memorabilia Fairs
Local memorabilia fairs are a good source for football collectables. Many of the vendors at such fairs will be collectors who mere wish to dispose of shirts, photos and other memorabilia that have become surplus to requirements. As a result, those proficient in the art of bartering may find football memorabilia fairs an excellent source for bargain buys.

The Internet
The Internet is a valuable source of collectable football-related items. Often, ill-advised vendors will post attractive football memorabilia on auction sites at a price substantially less than the item`s actual value. By bidding on such pieces, collectors can obtain interesting items and save money into the bargain. Programmes are particularly well-liked by football memorabilia collectors. The Internet is an excellent source for this type of football memorabilia. The better websites of specialist dealers supply a first-rate, expert service with prompt delivery and useful interactive features such as collectors` forums incorporating "wants" lists of programmes required by collectors. Prices tend to be the cheapest, too. Additionally, such websites often offer an extensive range of products, relating to the FA Cup, League Cup, European Cup, UEFA Cup and international matches. Some even provide a club-by-club search facility, allowing fans to search for programmes of their beloved team.

World Cup Memorabilia
Memorabilia and collectables relating to any of the 19 FIFA World Cup Finals played up until 2010 are likely to prove popular with collectors. Items pertaining to particularly memorable World Cups are likely to be the most sought after, rare and hence more valuable. For example, the FIFA awarded the hosting of the 1930 World Cup to Uruguay. This was the inaugural World Cup tournament, but also celebrated the fact that Uruguay were dual official football world champions (1924 and 1928) along with the centenary of the country`s independence. Similarly, the 1966 event was England`s first and only (to date, at least) World Cup triumph. The 2010 World Cup was the first to be hosted in Africa and was Spain`s first success in the tournament, so its programmes and memorabilia seem sure to be admired and increase in value.

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