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Collecting Football Memorabilia
If there is one thing that people can become very passionate about it is football. The rush of going out to support your favorite team on the field, cheering them on and watching them score goals is unparalleled.

Some people even get so much into football that they start to collect memorabilia of all kinds. Collecting is a fun pastime activity for anyone, so let us look at some fun and interesting pieces of football memorabilia you can collect.

Football Programmes - An Old Tradition

Football Programmes are quite interesting in their nature. They first started to be taken into use during the 1880's by a few British clubs and soon became a standard purchasable item all over the country along with a pint and some pie.

The programmes are interesting because they offer a little look into the past of their related matches. The programmes would detail the day and location of the match, which teams were playing and the positions of the players. Through them you can create a map and history of a specific team's matches and compositions and compare them for the sake of fun.

Many marketplaces online are a good place to find these and many are relatively cheap. Some you would have to win big on slot games at an online casino to be able to afford.

Championship Medals

Sometimes you will be able to find medals from various championships on auction. These can be from classic second league tournaments to the Champion's League!
Some footballers die and their family auctions their collectibles off. Some just needs the cash and sell it. So at least these important items should go into the care of someone who values and appreciates them.

Having a football medal in your collection will easily make it one of your most prized possessions.

Footballs and Shirts

One of the most rare and exquisite pieces you can acquire for your collections is a football that saw actual action in a match, especially if this was a match of great importance for your preferred team or in an important league.

Such an item will be worth a lot of money and is a truly important item in the history of football, almost relic-like.

A more minor but still impactful piece of paraphernalia you can acquire are player shirts. It does not necessarily have to be shirts worn by players. It can also be shirts you just buy from the teams' and stadiums' stores. But of course, it would be a great boon to one's collection if you had the actual shirt worn by one of your favorite players or a player of great importance to the sport.