Football Programmes Centre

Football Programme Repair & Restoration
If you are looking to restore or repair some of the items in your collection, Football Programme Centre would highly recommend the services of Eamonn Fitzmaurice from "Programme Preservation". Many of our members have been delighted with the services received from Eamonn who is able to expertly treat;

  • Programmes
  • Tickets
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Annuals
  • Prints
  • Cards
  • Any other Memorabilia on paper

I had a programme repaired by Programme Preservation. The reason I got it done wasn't to make the programme more valuable, but to give it an extended life. Before the restoration, I was reluctant to look at it or turn a page... now It's spot on! This programme can now be passed down to kids and so on, where as before it was on its last legs.

Below are just a few examples of the excellent work which has been carried out, which can include;

  • Sellotape Removal
  • Tape Stain Removal
  • Scorers or Team Change Removal - Ink, Biro or Felt-Tip
  • Tipp-ex Removal
  • Split Spines and Tear Repairs
  • Filling of Punch Holes
  • Dirt and Stain Removal
  • Flattening of Creases and Folds
  • Expert removal of Programmes from Binders, Albums and Scrapbooks

Glentoran Vs Chile XI 1935

The paper of this programme was severely degraded with many missing areas around the corners, edges and folds. It had also been heavily sellotaped. The sellotape and stains were removed and the paper cleaned and de-acidified. The missing areas were filled-in with a matching paper.

England Vs Germany at White Hart Lane 1935

This programme had been heavily folded and adhesive tape applied to the split folds and worn edges. The tape had become brittle and brown and had discoloured the paper underneath. The adhesive tape was removed, the adhesive tape staining cleaned and all the torn folds and worn edges repaired.

FA Cup Final 1924

The mould-damaged corner was repaired and the missing artwork retouched. The missing area on the back page was filled with a matching paper and the missing artwork again repainted. The tape was removed and the spine repaired.

England Vs Scotland 1924

This newspaper from the 1930's had become extremely brittle and much paper had been lost from around the edges and along the folds. It had also been repaired with adhesive tape. The adhesive tape was removed, the paper de-acidified, cleaned and repaired with matching paper.

To contact Programme Preservation for a free, no obligation quote;
t: 01526 321145
e: [email protected]