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Storing Football Programmes
Football programmes and ticket stubs can be highly valuable items but they are, in the main, highly personal items that hold some great memories. Just one glance at a treasured programme can evoke so many recollections of great games and that`s why most collectors get into the hobby in the first place. Keeping that in mind, it`s naturally very important to take care of your collection and make sure that you store it correctly.
Above all, it`s imperative to make sure you don`t damage the programme. Punch holes should definitely be avoided as should tape and glue. Even if you don`t intend to sell your programmes at a later date, they should be kept as neatly as possible.
As far as keeping programmes is concerned, club binders can be a good idea for storage but you should make sure that they don`t affect the quality by asking you to attach tape or any form of adhesive. Additionally, some club folders have only one pocket so this isn`t exactly ideal if you want to display them nicely.
A4 ring binders with individual plastic files have traditionally been the most popular form of storage and these are certainly good for keeping the programmes in good condition and for displaying them attractively.
There are one or two minor issues with this concerning display: Smaller programmes can move around in the individual pockets and can sometimes fall out when the folder is being moved. Additionally, some of the larger modern programmes such as ones issued for FA Cup finals are much too big for an A4 file.
If you are really serious about storing your programmes professionally, most programme dealers can sell you bespoke folders for programmes of all shapes and sizes which are certain to keep them in pristine condition.
Ticket stubs can pose similar problems and because of their smaller size, it can be even more difficult to keep them in perfect condition.
Many collectors have used first day cover albums that are used by stamp collectors and these can be a perfect size that will certainly accommodate the vast majority of ticket stubs issues today. These albums look attractive on bookshelves but one issue is that they are designed specifically for stamp collectors and the branding on the spines will clearly show this.
A4 ring binders with plastic files can also be a good idea and they have the added benefit of allowing you to store them alongside your football programmes. It`s also possible to buy plastic pockets that are separated into four or eight sections so that several tickets can be put into one page.
Once again, programme and memorabilia dealers can help you with your needs and bespoke albums can be supplied that will be perfect for your entire ticket collection.
Programmes and tickets are special items that shouldn`t be stored away in drawers and cardboard boxes only to be forgotten about. With just a little thought and effort they can be stored safely and displayed perfectly for everyone to enjoy.
Specialist dealers and high street stationers can help you with equipment and it can also be a good idea to speak to other collectors and pick up some football tips as to how they store their own items.

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