Football Programmes Centre

Tips for Collecting Football Programmes

As is the case with most collectibles, the three factors that come into play when you're working with these are:

  • Age

    Older Programmes are the best options, with most professional collectors looking for those from before the 1960s.

  • Popularity

    Programmes that are related to the most popular clubs, and the most famous players, will cost more than even a rare Programme featuring a unknown player.

  • Rarity

    The amount of the Programmes available on the market will dictate how much it gets sold for.

Ways to Spot a Bargain

Keeping these three key themes in mind, here are some ways to help you find bargains:

  • The Big Six

    In the world of Football Programmes, there are six clubs which rank as the most popular. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United have been dominating the world of English Football for some years now, so it's no surprise that their Programmes are widely sought-after and higher in value. Tottenham and West Ham make up the final two. Punters who enjoy their games thanks to the online betting so widely provided for will know the names off by heart!

  • The FA Cup Final

    Football Programme collectors will often focus on their favourite club, like Manchester City, for example, and their FA Cup Final programmes. These are popular because they are show-piece events on the calendar, and, with one happening each year, they can quickly stack up to become a really nice collection.

  • Is There Water Damage, from Rain?

    Programmes with pages sticking together and writing being smudged from exposure to the rain drop in price quite drastically. Make sure your Programme is in excellent condition, and free of writing and creases.

  • First and Last

    Celebrated players, legendary managers, and famous stadiums will all impact the value of a Programme. Someone's first game, or his last, and the beginning and end of the stadium will all make it more valuable.

A Good Condition is Vital

On top of the three key themes outline above, the state that the Programme is in is hugely important. In fact, serious collectors have even created their own lingo to describe defects like creases, changes in the team marked in pen, and even rusty staples holding it together.

Make sure to ask the seller for details about the condition before you purchase it, as doing so with a second-rate quality Programme is just a waste of money.

Make sure to check for errors in the descriptions for the Programmes too.

A Great Way to Start Collecting

This is one of the cheapest ways to start a collection, and it's such an interesting area for fans to explore. A mix of history and variety which deals with the game you love. What more could anyone ask for? Whether you are a supporter, focusing on your club and their memorabilia, or want to widen your knowledge, these items offer a wonderful glimpse into the past. You can make a little extra money if you want to sell them, or enjoy collecting them for your own sake, and you can meet like-minded individuals from all over the world while you're at it.