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The Different Types of Football Collectibles

Football is an obsession with its fans, and by far the most popular sport on earth. A staggering 1 billion spectators tune in to watch big events like the World Cup Final, and there\'s no dearth of support at the smaller matches, either.

Football Collectibles and Memorabilia, besides providing enjoyment for those who love The Beautiful Game, is big business these days.

There are some extraordinary prices being fetched at auctions around the world, for both obviously valuable programmes and such to childhood collections that you may not even know are sought after.

Items in demand include retro kits, old programmes, and board games based on football. Keep an eye out for the following items, and you may be making a mint before you know it!

As is the case with wagering on The Beautiful Game at any of the many betting sites now available online, knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better you'll do!

Football Shirts

A fairly obvious place to start, and this area of collectibles is a massive, and constantly expanding, marketplace.

To give you an idea, in the early 2000s, Sir Geoff Hurst put the Football shirt that he had worn at the 1966 World Cup on sale for £95 000! In 2010, after it had changed hands a few times, Andrew Leslau, a property developer, listed it for £2.3 million.

Programmes for Matches

These are a great choice when it comes to collecting football memorabilia on a bit of a budget, and well-preserved items in this category can fetch big sums. In September 2003, an official FA Cup Final programme from 1914 fetched £4 560.

A quick look at eBay will show you similar items, all priced from £500 through to £2 500. Of course the more historic value your programme has, the more precious it becomes, and the price rises accordingly.

Football Magazines

Fans of a certain age will still get misty-eyed when they recall the golden age of Match Weekly, Goal, and Shoot! As is the case with magazines of any kind, the condition of these is very important, and complete collections will get you the big money.

While you may not be able to retire with what you get for your mags, you can still look forward to sums as high as £500 for a full season of Shoot!, for example. A decent stand-alone copy can go for around £25.

Printed Football memorabilia can bring in a lot of money, especially if it's related to the World Cup. To put it in perspective, an original copy of the very first printed rules for the game, circa 1859, got sold for an eye-watering £881 250 in July 2011.

Subbuteo and Football Games

Back before the days of Football Manager, Fantasy Football, and FIFA World Cup, Subbuteo was the king of games revolving around Football. They have now become a much sought-after vintage collectible, and if you have in its original packaging you can get around £350 for it.

Examine what you've got, and see if it might be worth putting it up for sale. Depending on its sentimental value to you, it may be worth your while to get yours listed.