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UEFA: Five of the Most Memorable Football Games in History
UEFA is no stranger to drama and intrigue. From the Euro Championships to the Champions League, there have been some incredible feats of footballing prowess over the years. However, even the best squads on the planet can find themselves on the receiving end of major upsets.

Do you have any all-time favourite moments from the UEFA Champions League and Euro finals? Here are our top picks.

Barcelona vs PSG (2017)

If there's a Champions League moment that showcases raw nerve and talent, it's Barcelona coming back from the brink. PSG had the side on the ropes outside of the quarter-finals, 4-0 down in the first leg. What happened next was magical.

Barcelona managed to sky a stunning six goals past PSG in the second leg, with three in the last seven minutes. Sergi Roberto finally won Barcelona the next-round spot in the 94th. It ain't over 'til it's over!

France vs Yugoslavia (1960)

Believe it or not, this 1960 Euros battle between France and Yugoslavia is a record-holder. That's because no other match at the Euros has seen more goals scored! This was actually the very first tournament in UEFA Euros history, and France fell 5-4 to Yugoslavia.

This match would lead Yugoslavia into the final - they'd lose against the Soviet Union, but it's the journey that counts. Any punters - especially on a bet 10 get 40 deal - will tell you that!

AC Milan vs Liverpool (2005)

This match is so hallowed that it even has a name - the Miracle of Istanbul - and that's for a very good reason. It may not even be the biggest comeback in UEFA history, but Liverpool coming back from 3-0 down at half-time is still the stuff of legend.

AC Milan had the Reds cornered at the 45-minute mark - and Liverpool equalled the score as they came back. However, it's the sheer speed - three goals in just six minutes! Has that ever been bettered? Probably not.

Deportivo vs AC Milan (2004)

While we're talking comebacks, let's take a look at Deportivo La Coruna's amazing performance from the history books. The first leg of their battle against AC Milan was spirited, but ended up a 4-1 hammering. If you've learned anything from the above, it's that you can never rule out a comeback.

Deportivo managed to roll out a stunning 4-0 win in the second - what on earth happened to Milan here?

Hungary vs Portugal (2016)

2016 was, of course, a huge year for Portugal (and main star Cristiano Ronaldo) - they'd win the tournament overall. However, they very nearly stumbled in the group stage, and Hungary posed a genuine threat. Hungary led the group and managed to pin three goals against Portugal - Ronaldo's side, likewise.

This is such a pivotal match as it showed that Portugal may not have been up to the mantle initially. How wrong we were - history was soon made.

What are some of your favourite moments from UEFA in the Euros and the Champions League? Let us know in the comments.