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Home Away Competition Season
Aston Villa Chelsea League 1951-1952
Burnley Chelsea League 1951-1952
Aston Villa Chelsea League 1952-1953
Burnley Chelsea League 1952-1953
Aston Villa Chelsea League 1953-1954
Burnley Chelsea League 1953-1954
Aston Villa Chelsea League 1954-1955
Burnley Chelsea League 1954-1955
Burnley Chelsea FA Cup 1955-1956
Replay @ Spurs
Burnley Chelsea League 1955-1956
Chelsea Birmingham City League 1955-1956
Burnley Chelsea League 1956-1957
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1957-1958
Burnley Chelsea League 1957-1958
Wolverhampton Wanderers Chelsea Other 1957-1958
FA Youth Cup Final
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1958-1959
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1958-1959
Burnley Chelsea League 1958-1959
Leeds United Chelsea League 1958-1959
Leicester City Chelsea League 1958-1959
Luton Town Chelsea League 1958-1959
Manchester City Chelsea League 1958-1959
Newcastle United Chelsea FA Cup 1958-1959
Newcastle United Chelsea League 1958-1959
Portsmouth Chelsea League 1958-1959
Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea League 1958-1959
West Bromwich Albion Chelsea League 1958-1959
Wolverhampton Wanderers Chelsea League 1958-1959
Blackburn Chelsea League 1959-1960
Blackpool Chelsea League 1959-1960
Bolton Wanderers Chelsea League 1959-1960
Burnley Chelsea League 1959-1960
Everton Chelsea League 1959-1960
Leeds United Chelsea League 1959-1960
Leicester City Chelsea League 1959-1960
Manchester City Chelsea League 1959-1960
Manchester United Chelsea League 1959-1960
Nottingham Forest Chelsea League 1959-1960
Preston North End Chelsea League 1959-1960
Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea League 1959-1960
West Bromwich Albion Chelsea League 1959-1960
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1960-1961
Bristol Rovers Chelsea Friendly 1960-1961
Burnley Chelsea League 1960-1961
Doncaster Rovers Chelsea League Cup 1960-1961
Guildford City Chelsea Friendly 1960-1961
Hapoel Tel Aviv Chelsea Friendly 1960-1961
Newcastle United Chelsea League 1960-1961
Portsmouth Chelsea League Cup 1960-1961
West Ham United Chelsea League 1960-1961
Blackpool Chelsea League 1961-1962
Bournemouth Chelsea Friendly 1961-1962
Fulham Chelsea League 1961-1962
Nottingham Forest Chelsea League 1961-1962
West Bromwich Albion Chelsea League 1961-1962
Brighton and Hove Albion Chelsea Friendly 1962-1963
Bury Chelsea League 1962-1963
Derby County Chelsea League 1962-1963
Greenock Morton Chelsea Friendly 1962-1963
Grimsby Town Chelsea League 1962-1963
Hibernian Chelsea Friendly 1962-1963
Leeds United Chelsea League 1962-1963
Luton Town Chelsea League 1962-1963
Norwich City Chelsea League 1962-1963
Plymouth Argyle Chelsea League 1962-1963
Portsmouth Chelsea League 1962-1963
Rotherham United Chelsea League 1962-1963
Scunthorpe United Chelsea League 1962-1963
Southampton Chelsea League 1962-1963
Stoke City Chelsea League 1962-1963
Sunderland Chelsea League 1962-1963
Swansea City Chelsea League 1962-1963
Tranmere Rovers Chelsea FA Cup 1962-1963
Walsall Chelsea League 1962-1963
Wealdstone Chelsea Friendly 1962-1963
Blackburn Chelsea League 1963-1964
Blackpool Chelsea League 1963-1964
Celtic Chelsea Friendly 1963-1964
Charlton Athletic Chelsea Friendly 1963-1964
East Stirlingshire Chelsea Friendly 1963-1964
Ipswich Town Chelsea League 1963-1964
Manchester United Chelsea League 1963-1964
Southampton Chelsea Friendly 1963-1964
St Mirren Chelsea Friendly 1963-1964
Swindon Town Chelsea League Cup 1963-1964
Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea FA Cup 1963-1964
Wolverhampton Wanderers Chelsea League 1963-1964
Arsenal Chelsea Other 1964-1965
FA Youth Cup S/F
Birmingham City Chelsea League Cup 1964-1965
Burnley Chelsea League 1964-1965
Sheffield United Chelsea League 1964-1965
Sunderland Chelsea League 1964-1965
Workington Town Town Chelsea League Cup 1964-1965
Aarhus GF Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
AC Milan Chelsea European 1965-1966
Barcelona Chelsea European 1965-1966
Burnley Chelsea League 1965-1966
Germany Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
Glasgow FA Select Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
Inter Milan Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
& AC Milan combined
Norrkoping Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
Orebro SK Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
VFB Stuttgart Chelsea Friendly 1965-1966
Dundee Chelsea Friendly 1966-1967
Dundee Chelsea Friendly 1966-1967
Eintracht Frankfurt Chelsea Friendly 1966-1967
Hamburg Chelsea Friendly 1966-1967
VFB Stuttgart Chelsea Friendly 1966-1967
Clydebank Chelsea Friendly 1967-1968
Coventry City Chelsea League 1967-1968
Everton Chelsea League 1967-1968
Charlton Athletic Chelsea Friendly 1968-1969
Crystal Palace Chelsea Friendly 1968-1969
Waterford United Chelsea Friendly 1968-1969
Burnley Chelsea FA Cup 1969-1970
Everton Chelsea League 1970-1971
Southampton Chelsea Friendly 1970-1971
Coventry City Chelsea League 1971-1972
Stoke City Chelsea League 1971-1972
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1972-1973
Stoke City Chelsea League 1972-1973
Aberdeen Chelsea Friendly 1973-1974
Basingstoke Town Chelsea Friendly 1973-1974
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1973-1974
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1973-1974
Burnley Chelsea League 1973-1974
Burnley Chelsea League 1973-1974
Crystal Palace Chelsea Friendly 1973-1974
Derby County Chelsea League 1973-1974
Lincoln City Chelsea Friendly 1973-1974
Manchester United Chelsea League 1973-1974
Norwich City Chelsea League 1973-1974
Southampton Chelsea League 1973-1974
Stoke City Chelsea League Cup 1973-1974
Woking Chelsea Friendly 1974-1975
Chelsea Bristol City Other 1975-1976
Anglo Scottish
Chelsea Portsmouth League 1975-1976
Chelsea West Ham United Friendly 1975-1976
Fulham Chelsea Other 1975-1976
Anglo Scottish
Notts County Chelsea League 1975-1976
Oxford United Chelsea League 1975-1976
Plymouth Argyle Chelsea League 1975-1976
Chelsea Arsenal Friendly 1976-1977
Leyton Orient Chelsea Other 1976-1977
Anglo Scottish
Nottingham Forest Chelsea League 1976-1977
Notts County Chelsea League 1976-1977
Plymouth Argyle Chelsea League 1976-1977
Fulham Chelsea Other 1977-1978
Anglo Scottish
Chelsea Queens Park Rangers Friendly 1978-1979
Nottingham Forest Chelsea League 1978-1979
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1979-1980
Shrewsbury Town Chelsea League 1979-1980
Chelsea Bristol Rovers League 1980-1981
Chelsea West Ham United League 1980-1981
Newcastle United Chelsea League 1980-1981
Oldham Athletic Chelsea League 1980-1981
Cambridge United Chelsea League 1981-1982
Chelsea Cardiff City League 1981-1982
Derby County Chelsea League 1981-1982
Exeter City Chelsea Friendly 1981-1982
Hull City Chelsea FA Cup 1981-1982
Oldham Athletic Chelsea League 1981-1982
Sheffield Wednesday Chelsea League 1981-1982
Wigan Athletic Chelsea Friendly 1981-1982
Woking Chelsea Friendly 1981-1982
Wrexham Chelsea FA Cup 1981-1982
Aberystwyth Chelsea Friendly 1982-1983
Bolton Wanderers Chelsea League 1982-1983
Cardiff City Chelsea Friendly 1982-1983
Chelsea Arsenal Friendly 1982-1983
Derby County Chelsea FA Cup 1982-1983
Derby County Chelsea League 1982-1983
Tranmere Rovers Chelsea League Cup 1982-1983
Aberystwyth Chelsea Friendly 1983-1984
Brentford Chelsea Friendly 1983-1984
Oxford United Chelsea Friendly 1983-1984
Sheffield Wednesday Chelsea League 1983-1984
Aberystwyth Chelsea Friendly 1984-1985
Brentford Chelsea Friendly 1984-1985
Bristol City Chelsea Friendly 1984-1985
Birmingham City Chelsea League 1985-1986
Chelsea Wimbledon League 1986-1987
Chelsea York City League Cup 1986-1987
Nottingham Forest Chelsea League 1986-1987
Aldershot Town Chelsea Friendly 1987-1988
Brighton and Hove Albion Chelsea Friendly 1987-1988
Chelsea Millwall Friendly 1987-1988
Leyton Orient Chelsea Friendly 1987-1988
Altrincham Town Town Maidstone Utd League 1988-1989
Aylesbury United Maidstone Utd League 1988-1989
Blackburn Chelsea League 1988-1989
Chelsea Plymouth Argyle League 1988-1989
Chelsea Plymouth Argyle Other 1988-1989
Simod Cup
Dover Maidstone Utd Other 1988-1989
Fisher Ath Maidstone Utd League 1988-1989
Maidstone Utd Kidderminster Harriers League 1988-1989
Maidstone Utd Macclesfield Town League 1988-1989
Maidstone Utd Yeovil Town League 1988-1989
Northwich Victoria Maidstone Utd League 1988-1989
Scunthorpe United Chelsea League Cup 1988-1989
Chelsea Aston Villa League 1989-1990
Aldershot Town Maidstone Utd League 1990-1991
Carlisle United Maidstone Utd League 1990-1991
Ebbsfleet Maidstone Utd Other 1990-1991
Maidstone Utd Charlton Athletic Friendly 1990-1991
Margate Maidstone Utd Other 1990-1991
Tonbridge Maidstone Utd Other 1990-1991
Wrexham Maidstone Utd League 1990-1991
Chesterfield Maidstone Utd League 1991-1992
Lincoln City Maidstone Utd League 1991-1992
Rochdale Maidstone Utd League 1991-1992
Tranmere Rovers Chelsea League Cup 1991-1992
Southampton Chelsea League 1992-1993
Walsall Chelsea League Cup 1992-1993
Blackburn Chelsea League 1994-1995
FC Cologne Chelsea Friendly 1994-1995
FC Copenhagen Chelsea Friendly 1994-1995
Swindon Town Chelsea Friendly 1994-1995
Valencia Chelsea Friendly 1994-1995
Watford Chelsea Friendly 1994-1995
Manchester United Chelsea FA Cup 1995-1996
Semi Final
Queens Park Rangers Chelsea League 1995-1996
Wimbledon Chelsea FA Cup 1995-1996
Chelsea PSV Eindhoven Friendly 1996-1997
Sampdoria Chelsea Friendly 1996-1997
Wimbledon Chelsea FA Cup 1996-1997
Semi Final
Manchester United Chelsea Other 1997-1998
Community Shield
Middlesbrough Chelsea League Cup 1997-1998
Scarborough Peterborough United League 1998-1999
AC Milan Chelsea European 1999-2000
Crystal Palace Chelsea Friendly 1999-2000
Marseille Chelsea European 1999-2000
Newcastle United Chelsea FA Cup 1999-2000
Semi Final
Hucknall Town Scarborough League 2006-2007
Stockport County Cheltenham Town League 2010-2011
Bury Colchester United League 2018-2019
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