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Preserving Sports History at Deer Park Country House

With the recent fraud case and jailing of David Rennie, who made over a million pounds selling fake signatures to collectors - it has become imperative that we ensure the sporting memorabilia is collected and recorded for posterity.

Avoiding cons like this again, or even deterring wanna be fraudsters is very important, which makes the setting up of Deer Park Country House even more significant now.

Deer Park Country House Collection

Deer Park Country House has set itself up as the place to visit and collect sports memorabilia, a literal treasure trove of all sporting history for the publics viewing delight.

The memorabilia is merged effortlessly into the decor of Deer Park, making it a wonderful place to visit and not a sterile museum environment. It's the ideal venue for anyone who loves sport, and even if they prefer Melbourne Cup betting over football, it holds plenty of interest.

This impressive memorabilia collection belongs to non other than the majority shareholder of Deer Park itself, Nigel Wray, who has amassed one of the most valuable sports memorabilia collections in the world.

Deer Park Memorabilia Highlights

Here we look at the top two sports memorabilia items that you must visit Deer park to view (but check out everything else while there - you will be entertained for hours)

A Shirt (Diego Maradona's shirt to be specific)

One of the best football players in the history of the beautiful game, Deer Park has managed to acquire a shirt worn by the famous Argentine and add it to their collection.

This specific shirt is from the Argentina vs. Australia 1993 match, a match Argentina had to win in order to qualify for the 1994 World Cup Finals - and win they did. And though it is not the shirt worn by Maradona during the famous hand of god match, it is an original worn and signed shirt of the golden boy of Football - Diego Maradona.

Two Olympic Torches

Deer Park is home to not one but two Olympic torches that should not be overlooked when wondering around the collection. Pinned to opposite walls, the two torches are from very different sporting eras and even if you are on holiday, go give them a look.

One dates to the 1948 Olympic Games and the other is from the 2012 Olympic Games, both events being held in London. Though both torches are important, the 1948 torch represents much more.

Coming out of World War II and its devastating events, having the freedom to enjoy a sporting event as a free world was not something to be taken for granted in that time.

The Rest

To not mention what else is on offer at Deer Park is a bit of insult to the collection, but we honestly do not have the time to list the impressive memorabilia on offer there. Do take the time to visit, and bask in the sporting history on offer up close.