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Jamie Howarths Collection


Name : Jamie Howarth
Forum Nickname : Past Pirate
Age : 48
Started Collecting : 1973

About Me

What do you do for a living?

I work as a service engineer for British Gas (Good Company to work for when you support the team I do)

Which club do you support and why?

Bristol Rovers. Initialy I am ashamed to say that I started of as a Bristol City fan. But after a couple of games at Ashton Gate my sisters boyfriend took me to Eastville to see Rovers. The atmosphere was so much friendlier there and there was no going back, I was a Pirate for life.

What do you collect?

Bristol Rovers home and away, one from each league side and about 200 non league. Plus anything else I come across that is anything to do with Rovers.

How did you get into programme collecting?

I bought one from the first few games I attended. What really sparked my interest though was when my brother in law gave me his collection of about a hundred dating back to the fifties. All those weird old ones made me want to see as many as possible.

Your Collection

What was your first football programme?

Probably one of the games at the S***pit (Ashton Gate) that I am still trying to forget about.

What was the last programme you bought?

Cowdenbeath v Bristol Rovers from July 2007. Bought from another member of this forum.

How big is your collection?

Over 3,200 and still growing.

How do you store your collection?

In official club binders on shelves in the backroom.

Whats the oldest programme you own?

3-1-1906. Sheffield Wednesday v Bristol Rovers, FA Cup 1st Round.

What is the rarest item in your collection?

Probably the one mentioned above

Which programme from your club is the rarest and most expensive to obtain?

Apart from very old issues like above it has to be our last game at Eastville. 15-4-86 v Chesterfield. I have seen it go for prices ranging from £45 up to over £100.

What is...?

What is your worst buy?

Can't think of anything really. Apart from when I used to buy 50 odd progs from ads in the local paper just to find that I only needed 3 or 4 of them.

What is your best buy?

Has to be the 1906 one.

What is the most you have paid for a programme and which one?

The 1906 again, it cost £78 which I was very happy with. I had put a maximum bid in of £300.

What is the most you have received for a programme and which one?

I got £70 for a Cup Final prog a few years back. Can't remenber which one it was but Leicester were in it (50's or 60's I think).

What is your most prized programme?

Will let you guess that one but it's over 100 years old! haha

Whats your biggest regret in collecting?

I don't have enough money to buy all the ones I see for sale.

The Hobby

In you opinion, is the programme collectors communtiy shrinking or growing?

A year ago I would have said shrinking. But this site is beginning to make me change my mind.

What do you enjoy most about the hobby?

That wonderful sound of a package dropping through the letterbox.

Where do you buy most of your programmes from?

It used to be at each game and ebay. Recently though ebay has been pushed into 3rd place by a little place called "Football Programme Centre" (ever heard of it)? lol

The Future

If money was no object, which programme would you most like to add to your collection?

The first programme that Rovers ever issued. All I need to do is save a lot of dosh and then find out what game that actually was.

Would you ever sell your collection?

Not in a million years.

How do you wish to develop your collection over the coming years?

Simple really. I just want to keep adding Rovers programmes to the shelves in the back room.