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A Die Hard Fans Obsession

Football fans from every corner of the world usually spend thousands of dollars each year on tickets to see their best team play or a jersey representing their official team. Many fans make it an everyday way of earning money by placing online sporting bets on websites, so why not get new bookmaker Novibet sign up offer via OLBG to hopefully get some extra dollar to spend on your purchases! Whatever the love for a team does to a person, some fanatics truly take it to the next level by collecting all sorts of football memorabilia, no matter what the price tag may say.

As bidding and purchasing memorabilia can be seen as a highly profitable business, a few pieces of football history are seen as valuable but a very strange find indeed.

FIFA World Cup draw tags

A simple gesture such as drawing tags at the Leipzig FIFA World Cup in Germany became much more than pulling some paper out of a bag. Discarded as a finished task, these papers lay around as cleaning crews started straightening out the ceremony site. Matthias Blume, absent minded, picked the 32 tags up with the country names on them. As he auctioned them off on eBay and reached more than $1000, FIFA threatened legal action.

Football programme

If you went to a sporting match, you need to keep every single programme as in many years to come; it might be worth a lot more than the paper it is printed on today‚Ķ The FA Cup Final programme from 1914 was sold for a staggering £4,560 in September 2003.

Painting of a football match

In 1960, LS Lowry painted an image of a football match in action. This amazing piece of art sold for £1.14 million in December 2007 and keeps that particular gaming moment alive forever.

NFL lunchboxes

Although lunchboxes are not your usual collectable item, that didn't faze the designers of these 1970's football fan lunch boxes. The NFC's helmets were delicately arranged on the front of the box and the AFC's helmets perked on the back. Owning one of these lunch boxes will put the usual plastic take-overs to shame at any time of the day!

FA Cup Final Football medal

Any football fan would give their front teeth to be able to own this piece of memorabilia. The only problem is that not many fans will be able to fork out the price this medal went for. The 15ct gold FA Cup Final medal from 1910 to 1911 sold for £22,800 in February 2003.

Football rules book

With every game comes a set of rules. Who thought that the book of football rules would be worth £881,250? This book of rules, drawn up in 1859, was sold in July 2011 and serves as a great reminder of football history.

As there are many private collectors dying to own every single piece of football memorabilia, the chance that you may pay up to £10,000 for a piece of chewing gum chewed by a famous football star is quite possible...