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World Cup: Iran Vs Spain Recap

Don't Miss It

Every football fan that takes their love for the game seriously has been tuning into one of the biggest events that have ever graced the game, the World Cup. It only comes along once every four years, but when it does, it makes an impact people don't soon forget. One of the things that makes the World Cup so special is because football fans are known for being some of the most passionate and dedicated around.

That is why you don't want to miss a single second of the action. There has already been a lot of good player on player action as the dust settles from the first round of clashing. The early rounds of the cup are important to establish the frontrunners and those who will be attempting to make the long climb out of the loser's bracket.

Spain Brings the Pain

Many of the games played in the cup so far have been back and forth close contests that have engaged and enthralled fans, and stressed out coaches. One of the closest and most entertaining contests hosted by the cup thus far has been the clash between Spain and Iran. This game was an epic contest of wills that fans were on the edge of their seat for the entire duration of.

While Spain spent a good portion of the game with ball possession, over 80%, Iran held a stalwart defense, and did not give up a single goal until after the half when a well-placed shot finally made it past Iran's steel curtain defense. Iran's defense was so airtight that they broke a record of not conceding a single goal in 1,121 minutes. While it was a noble defense, eventually Spain found a hole in the defense and squeaked out a single goal to take the win.

In the Know

Spain beating Iran wasn't exactly an upset, in fact, they were the favored team. With good stats, a strong lineup, and consistent performance, Spain is used to dominating the field. For those dedicated, hardcore fans, they likely could have anticipated this victory over Iran. In fact, some players make a profit by doing just that. Savvy betters find World Cup betting offers so that they can make extra cash by capitalizing on their insider knowledge. And insider knowledge is crucial. Unlike other kinds of betting, sports betting is as much about knowing about the sport and the people playing it as it is about luck. As an added bonus, a bet can even add excitement to a game when you back your favorite club with a few greenbacks, which is all the sweeter when you've made serious bank from minimum money spent, thanks to such betting offers.

On the Roster

The World Cup action is far from over. Spain and Croatia made some strong showings in this round, but there is still plenty of room for other teams to shine. The roster is looking like another series of intense games. Nigeria vs Iceland promises to be an epic showing. After Iceland's tie against Argentina, the club is itching to show that they can win a game.

The Nigeria club certainly won't make it easy for them though. Neither one of these teams want to give an inch, and they have a strong lineup and the will to win, so this is a must-watch for any true football fan.