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Soccer-supporters in Sweden - Chelsea on the top list

Even if you're not a die-hard soccer fan you would probably enjoy a game in the English Premier League (EPL). The atmosphere in the stands is something besides a regular one. Supporters eat, sleep and drink football. About that. The empathy is complete, and every mistake made on the field feels right into the heart of the supporters.

Soccer as a lifestyle

In England soccer is not a sport, it's a lifestyle. Supporters live with their teams and almost everything is about the sport that was once called "the most important, unimportant thing of all".

A team supporter does not care about country borders, loyalty is in the heart.

As an example, in Sweden, there are so many supporter clubs for different world clubs. The interest in the English Premier League is huge. They meet up to watch games together on big screens, they arrange events, go for soccer-trips to important games and they often keep track of the odds which you can see if you click here. And a true supporter never bet against their team, no matter what.

Chelsea Supporters of Sweden

Let's check more into the Swedish fans of Chelsea. Their official name is Chelsea Supporters of Sweden and their Facebook page have more than 26.000 likes.

The supporters mostly hang at two sites, their own and the official site for all soccer-fans in Sweden called Svenskafans.

On their own website, they publish chronicles on a regular basis, post analyses both before and after every game, keep track of statistics and discuss all different topics in their chat forums. Every little news and gossip around Chelsea are posted straight by admins of the site or by members.

The other fansite is more for all fans and not only about Chelsea, but they do also have a Chelsea-section though. The site is much focused on news around the teams so if you want to know rumors and read news articles or analysis.

Barcelona and Leeds are popular too

Chelsea is not the only soccer team with lots of fans in Sweden. But when different European clubs are compared it's easy to notice the EPL-teams are the most popular of all in Sweden.

What is said to be the world's most popular club, Manchester United, was also on the top of the list in Sweden. Spanish team Barcelona was the second on the list, what was kind of surprising since the most focus is on the English Premier League in Sweden. Maybe their loyalty to Barcelona comes from when the Swedish player Henke Larsson represented them. By that time, during his being at the club, the mass media coverage was enormous in Sweden.

Leeds is another team that surprisingly is on the top list of supporters in Sweden, the reason Leeds has always been popular in Sweden is since their era of greatness in the 60's and 70's. Many of the fans grew up with the football TV programme Tipsextra every Saturday and by that time Leeds was one of the top teams.

Before we can tell which teams attract most fans this year we need to wait and see who will win the Champions League and other cups.