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Well done Wigan Athletic
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Well done Wigan Athletic
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:12 pm 
Post subject: Re: Well done Wigan
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Flaming Pie wrote:
Goalsandwickets , you make some interesting points. Are you at liberty to name the club ( or city) that the player you talked to came from? You will know this, but in the 1960's they didn't really have the technology to analyse key decisions in games. From what l remember, even the1966 Hurst (was it over the line) goal in the final was not overly analysed at the time. Until Shankly, then Allison and Clough, l don't even recall top managers like Busby, Revie, Nicholson and Catterick being interviewed that much. I recently read a biography of Harry Catterick and it dawned on me that l had hardly ever heard the man speak! Key decisions in the modern game really do come under close scrutiny.. The likes of the recent Spurs penalty incident , and all the bad feeling it created, will probably be here to stay.

Thanks FP.

I was told in confidence so can't say the player's name.

But I can tell you that I watched him for a while and as a fan of his club, every time, he got tackled in the box and went over, I believed it was a penalty. It was a penalty, because I wanted it to be one.

Thinking back, the player's exaggerated fall to the ground would be picked up now by the numerous cameras and replays.

But even with all the focus, today's players do it almost as a default action.

For me, it's all about the role of both legs.

Recently, I tripped up on a box of programmes next to my computer.

My right leg got impeded and to compensate, my left leg launched into action causing a bad pull to the hamstring.

I did this automatically, as I didn't want to crash to the ground.

Now when a current pro leaves their back leg out to 'invite contact', not only are they prepared (I wasn't) and can know what they are going to do, but they can decide how to fall, usually not thrusting out the front leg as I did.

For a few years, I have called what the pros do as CLS or Collapsing Legs Syndrome. But they do it with such ease that for me, it's a sign that they are doing it as a planned action, albeit that it happens on a random basis and they have a split second to decide what to do and then to execute what they want to do.

However, we live in a football world where the pundits / commentators and broadcasters are using phrases like, 'he looked for contact' or 'he played for contact'. Law 12 is written in such a way that 'contact' is the be-all and end-all, even if when a player is contacted, it's not actually enough to de-stabalise him and make him fall over naturally.

At least, there are now more referees giving cards for simulation which wasn't the case 5-10 years ago.

But if I were a keeper today, I'd come out to try and close strikers down, not dive at their feet with my arms out. If I did that, there's likely to be one thing which will happen; the forward will go over as if tripped, like Kane did v. Liverpool, Rooney used to do, Gerrard used to do and various other players do as a matter of course.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:03 pm 
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The two pens Spurs had at Anfield were pretty, ahem, dubious in my opinion.
Mind you I am heavily biased. lol

After the Everton chap got banned for "winning" a pen at Palace, I wondered whether Kane might come under similar scrutiny after Karius nearly killed the fella.

Needless to say, they completely failed to mention it on Match of the Dog.
Never happened. Instead it was all about Lovren touching the ball and negating the offside.
Houdini type misdirection at its finest from the impartial Beeb.

Not that we should single Spurs out here, every club does it, Steven Gerrard & Wayne Rooney for example used to hit the deck inside the area like they'd been run over by a tank.

It just annoys me how the media call the foreigners out for doing it, but cop a convenient deaf 'un when it's one of our own.
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