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Football Sports Auctions Limited(Again)
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Football Sports Auctions Limited(Again)
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:57 pm 
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Reading the letter there is a paragraph as follows.

"" It has always been believed that there is a civil liability under contract law and as such you will/may need to pursue this through Absolute Recovery Ltd the appointed liquidator . ""

So they are in no doubt Lane is in breach of contract and a claim can be made against him . But as i understand , the poor guy is bankrupt ( hotel rooms aren't cheap Cool ) so there would be no point ringing Absolute Recovery. It would in my opinion be more wasted time.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 5:49 pm 
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Thanks to you Wullie & Leslie for your advice.

Trading standards can never say they have conducted a full & extensive enquiry as they have failed to interview me and maybe others who could add to the reason why they should have passed this matter on to the police. As far as my previous employers are concerned I can only imagine they are relieved as to not having to go through a process that was commonplace back in my time with proper results & villains put away where they belong.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:48 pm 
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I was reading through my old emails - receipts and such, the responses back and forth.

I posted here back in April 2015 ironically looking for recommendations about the best place/vendor to sell some MUFC memorabilia on our behalf (willed to us from our friend who passed away)

We planned on selling the items and putting the money towards some badly needed renovation work; we had plaster knocked halfway off the walls, living room floor dug up, rising damp related issues caused by the use of gypsum plaster instead of lime. We wanted to try and do the repairs during the Summer period...

Reading the latest posts from Wullie, etc - I consider myself to be quite fortunate by comparison even though I did have to chase up the money as well as do the repair work!

Having dealt with him I'm not surprised to see his old FSA website disappear, etc. If he truly has opened up again under a new name then for your own sanity - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

I got every excuse under the sun at the time i.e. "bounced cheque from buyer", "hospital trip", "re-enter items in next sale", "I'll honor the price" etc, etc.

The majority of our items sold in his June 22nd 2015 auction. It became obvious to me that we'd made a big mistake as several months passed and no contact was made.

I did manage to get partial payment from him in October after hounding him on Facebook.

In total I exchanged around 40 emails and posted numerous comments on his public Facebook page (which he quickly removed) before I managed to get the full, correct amount from him.

I made sure to watch the live auctions via the saleroom taking screen captures of the final hammer price of our sold items.

Whether his auctions were attended by real buyers and hence got the best price for our items is something I can't say. Could've just as easily been a mock setup. It looked like a small room in a pub with a tiny webcam pointed right at the auctioneer:

He did attempt to send a reduced amount for some the items sold but I wasn't to be fooled regarding the exact calculation. Any of his other clients who received some form of payment but didn't pay attention could've lost out here believing they got the right amount!

It wasn't until the 29/12/2015 that we got our final payment from him - had to hound him over the Christmas period again on Facebook.

We got around £700 in total if I remember correctly and it was direly needed. I can see from the sticky post that he folded the FSA business just after this date.

I hope all the affected get your items back at the very least.

Sadly I think the law is completely useless when it comes to limited liability businesses unless you can prove that he's intended to defraud you from the start.
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Joined: 06 Apr 2015
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:11 pm 
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Sorry to double post.


He really has started up again hasn't he:

Absolutely scandalous; he's after more victims already.

The only way to hurt this man is to go for his pockets.
You can fantasize all day long about justice (ha!), law, karma or maybe just about smashing his skull in.
It probably won't happen; he knows how to play the system.

He hates being exposed on social media.
Post on Facebook, Twitter, negative reviews anywhere & everywhere, Google Maps, Trust Pilot, etc.
The Liverpool Echo should be notified of the new website.
You'd think Trading Standards could arrange a sting - completely toothless.

Football Sports Auctions has to be linked to Sporting Memorabilia Investment at every opportunity.
I assume the name of the new business is referring to the "investments" he plans on making with your cash.
The liquidators PDF's might seem dire but if this scam didn't pay he wouldn't be trying it for a 2nd/3rd time!

Being declared bankrupt isn't a hurdle at all to a conman if anything it's probably a boon.
All of his private material assets are probably in someone else's name.
Anyone who benefits from his antics is just as bad as he is - perhaps even worse.
Is anyone dumb enough to believe his son, wife, auctioneer, etc - aren't all in on the scam; I've seen the former helping out on the saleroom live auction footage!

Disgusting people. Completely devoid of empathy.
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