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Five Essential Apps for All Football Fans

Football fans carry a love for the game that goes beyond simply keeping track of scores and team successes. Fans are constantly looking for ways to better understand their favorite team strategies, player skillsets and, developments in the sport at large, in order to stay on the cusp of information overload in the exciting world of football. Additionally, football fans are always looking for fun and interactive games that they can enjoy when watching a match might not be an option! On that note, and with technology introducing new ways to improve the way in which we educate and entertain ourselves in the world, football fans are quickly getting a hold of the latest interactive apps to improve the way they enjoy the game. So, we've done our research and found the best and most worthwhile apps each football fan should download. Read on to discover the five we've compiled for you below, and make sure to get a hold of these now!

  1. FIFA - 15

    Looking for a quick touchscreen football gaming experience on your smartphone? FIFA-15 is the latest version of this popular app, which allows you to quickly enjoy a game of football by playing directly on your mobile! This most recent launch of the FIFA app features up to 22 different leagues to play with and makes shooting and passing a breeze on your phone. For only £1.99, it's worth the download on any iOS or Android device!

  2. Live Score Addicts

    This app is free, and believe it or not, one of the best you can get your hands on right now. Live Score Addicts is a great way to keep track of different teams and leagues from around the globe with a simple click on your screen. With real-time tracking data, you will always get the latest scores on current match and performance metrics of your favorite players. With a new iPad version, you can also take advantage of a wider screen. A must for all football fans who can't always get a hold of a television on time! This app is also available on iOS and Android.

  3. Football Bingo

    Football Bingo is a betting game for football fans that gives back to its clubs. With this fun little app, you and your friends can choose two numbers to represent two respective teams in the football league. The first person to accumulate over 20 goals throughout the season wins 50% of the jackpot! The remaining portion of the jackpot goes to the clubs. Available on iOS, this app is a must for those of you looking for a fun game to play during commercial breaks or while you're out and about and looking for an easy form of entertainment. For this fun football bingo app and many more bingo-related gems, visit Who knew football and bingo went hand-in-hand so well!?

  4. Live Football on TV

    Isn't it tough keeping track of matches and where or when to catch them on TV? If you often find yourself frustrated having to click through channels to find the latest match, then Live Football on TV is the app for you. This clever little tool helps you track which matches are on TV at any given point, and where to catch them! Trust us, it will save you loads on time. Available on iOS and absolutely free.

  5. FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone

    The love of the game comes with loads of debates between friends and fans. You may often find yourself discussing game strategies, which player performed best or who the top passer was in the most recent match. If that's the case, then this app is a must for you! Providing you with up-to-date data on players and most recent matches, this app allows you to compile your own analyses of matches and share them with friends via social media or email! Any serious fan is sure to want this on-hand when passionate football discussions arise. Brilliant, if you ask us. Free for all iPhone users.

Why not take your love of the game to the next level? Download these apps for a new way to enjoy the game you love most, in way you've never experienced before. Trust us, millions of fans worldwide are doing the same!